Southern Westchester BOCES
School Library System
Harrison, NY

April 15, 2016

KeynoteIt Does Matter! Creating Libraries that Meet the Needs of Diverse Youth

Abstract: In this keynote address, I explore the institutional inequities, including those in schools which many diverse youth in the United States face. I then identify immediate action steps that we can take to improve the quality of education and life outcomes for these youth.  My goal is to 1) spur dialogue and reflection about how libraries must change to better meet the needs of America’s diverse youth, and 2) motivate us to examine our beliefs, attitudes, and commitment to diversity, equity, and social justice.

Keynote Materials:

It Does Matter! Powerpoint

15 Core Texts for Closing the Opportunity Gap

Guiding Principles

Looped microaggressions

Concurrent SessionEnabling Texts: Tools for Supporting the Literacy Development of Youth of Color

Abstract: Research on enabling texts showcases the power, and importance, of story to connect with youth of color, including African American, Black, Latino, and Asian American youth. Enabling texts reflect an awareness of the real world, demonstrate resiliency, focus on the collective struggle of communities of color, and nurture multiple identities.  They can encourage and empower youth to take action in their own lives and in the lives of others, and can include both fiction and informational texts.  In this session, participants will learn how to define, identify, and use enabling texts with youth of color in school libraries.

Session Materials:

Enabling Texts_PowerPoint

Enabling Texts and Literacy Development

Enabling Text Rubric

Sample Text Mediation Plan

Sources for Diverse Books

Text Graffiti exercise

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