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Library Quarterly, volume 86, no. 1, January 2016: Theme-Social Justice as a Guiding Principle in Library and Information Science Research:

Racial Equity in the Library: 2-part series from Web Junction
Part 1:
Part 2:

Diversity, Social Justice, and the Future of Libraries:

Social Justice Issues from  The Atlas of New Librarianship:

Public Libraries and Social Justice by John Pateman and John Vincent. Routledge, 2010.

Websites and Blogs

Anti-Defamation League at
Collaborative for Equity in Literacy Learning at
Diversity in YA at
Reading While White at
Teaching for Change at
Teaching Tolerance at
Download the free kit-“Teaching ‘The New Jim Crow’ at
We Need Diverse Books at


TED Talks

Mellody Hobson, Color Blind or Color Brave?, TED Talk filmed March, 2014.

Bryan Stevenson, We Need To Talk About An Injustice, TED Talk filmed March, 2012.



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